Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sometimes Life Calls for a Day in the Sun~!

Well, as some of you already know, Paul was laid-off from his job on Thursday(not one of our better days!)
But this post is not about that crappy news.  First I share a picture with you..........

Yes, this picture was taken TODAY and those are shorts and short sleeve shirts we are wearing!!
Today we had the pleasure of spending the day in Phoenix, out of the snow and cold of Flagstaff.  We went for Blaine's bike race and it was a beautiful day filled with "sunshine and warmth", a day to forget about Thursday and just enjoy being with family.  It was a great day and Blaine came in third in his bike race which was very awesome!!

Ready to race!

Race is over, Blaine is a WINNER!!

Blaine, hot off the medal's podium!!

Justin, hanging with his cousin Payton.