Friday, January 22, 2010

Let It Snow

Well, it has certainly been a winter snow event around here the past few days....Justin has been out of school for the past week.....We have shoveled more the past two days than all of last winter put together!!  Just wanted to share some of our pictures from this storm.....It has been interesting!! Thanks to our suburban and my amazing husbands even more amazing driving skills we have been out and about, blazing our own trails through many neighborhoods around town that the snowplows had not touched yet....crazy!  although I must admit that there are times when it is just beautiful, like Wednesday(when the first two pics were taken) and there was a sliver of blue sky for a while.  I'm pretty sure this snow will be around till Mother's day!!

 Watch our fence disappear.........................................

These next two pictures show how some places looked that did not shovel every couple of hours like we did and they were going nowhere......the snowplows had not even been down their roads yet....they were snow bound for sure...........

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Busy Work

Well, Paul and I have been planning on spending a day updating some of the furniture we have and today was that day.. I was in need of something to occupy my brain so this was the perfect activity.  I totally forgot to take before pictures until it was way too late.  We updated the furniture that is in Justin's room; his dresser and night stand.  As you can see from this picture of drawers(that is all that was still in the "before" stage sorry), they were just old and therefore in need of some updating.

Well, now Justin has a dresser and night stand that, although they are indeed still old, thy are at least a bit better looking....

So, not only did I get to do my favorite thing; spend a day hanging with my sweetie.  I also had a few hours of distraction which I also enjoyed.  So, what will our next project be??  There are just so will we choose.