Monday, October 13, 2008

Missing my Missionary

I knew there would be letters where Chris would be having struggles.  I "know" that as he struggles, it will only make him stronger! Yes, yes, yes, I know all these things.  However, that did not make this letter any easier for this mom to read. I like to think that there are other MM's that have had these same feelings. This is one of those things I am handing to the Lord and letting Him be the one to watch over Chris.  ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF THINGS.............Chris had his first baptism this past Sunday, wow, I thought that was pretty exciting and so did he!!  Adjusting to a new culture and new surroundings is always a challenge.  He is an amazing person and I know this is just the beginning of many baptisms to come... The Church is True and.. Life Is Good~! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Well, our time at the "fun house" or "Clark ark" as we called it, has come to an end.  Last weekend we made the move to the home that you see above.  Thanks to some great friends and family the move went well.  We will miss the parties that took place in our previous home but our new home is comfortable, WARM, and has a "homey" feel to it, all of which we are enjoying!! (especially the warmth).  For those of you that visited while we were in the "fun house", please come back and see us again.  For those of you that still have not visited, come on, we are waiting for you and your room is......almost cleared of boxes and ready for you!!!
     Well, Elder Clark is now in Joao Pessoa!!  We have not yet heard from him as he just left the CTM and flew there yesterday.  From what I hear on the missionary mom's website, we probably will not hear from him until his p-day next week(bummer).  I have been preparing myself for a week without hearing from him but I think about him every second.  Is he ok, did his flight go well, who is his new companion, was it hard to leave the ctm, how hot is it??  You know, questions like that.  I just know it is going to be a very LOOOONG week as I...patiently...wait for a letter from my boy.