Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Love Weddings

Well, last Saturday we had the pleasure of a trip to Utah~! I always look forward to a trip back "home" but was especially looking forward to this one as we were attending the wedding of my niece Olivia...  She was a beautiful bride.  I pray that she and her new husband Zane will be as happy throughout their marriage as they were on this special day.  Christopher was very bummed out that he was not here for this event as he and Olivia are the best of know he loves you and wishes all the best for you Olivia....anyway, it was a very fun day....

We also spent a few days just hanging with family and friends, attending the 9th ward and driving around to see how things have changed since we left.  It seems that no matter how long we go in between trips to Utah, there are always changes.  Justin also brought a friend from Flagstaff with him and it was his first trip to Utah.  He was amazed by the MANY churches on every corner!  and he was able to see 3 Temples.  It never used to even faze me as to how many churches there are in that area until we moved away and go back.  When you pull off the freeway and look towards P.G. there are steeples everywhere!! Here in Flag we have just three... Well, for those of you that we were able to see, it was great.  For those of you that we did not get to see, we hope to next time...and remember, Flagstaff is a great place to visit so come see us!!

Justin P. and Justin C.