Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Days~!

One thing you can be sure of in Flagstaff is.......Snow Days~!  They have been warning us that a big storm was on the way and of course anyone of school age was excited and hoping it was a REALLY big one so they would get a snow day......last year they were out the entire week before the Christmas break and then had their normal two weeks off...Merry Christmas to them huh!?  Well, unfortunately when it was time for school to start this morning the storm was just coming in and so off to school they went...only to hear an announcement during second hour that if anyone wanted(like who wouldn't) to be excused at lunch(10:45) just needed the permission of their parents and they could head for home!!!!  Man would I have loved to hear that when I was in school.
Anyway, Paul picked Justin up and then headed downtown and brought ME home from work early too!!! I LOVE SNOW DAYS~!

Hope you all get to experience a "Snow Day".....I think they are even more fun if you are still a teenager and know that has already been cancelled for tomorrow.  Life Is Good~!
Rock On!!